What EcoSmart means at Alto-Shaam

EcoSmart is the efficient and effective use of all your resources. At Alto-Shaam, we feel acting both ecologically smart and economically smart is the best way to run any business.

Think globally, act profitably

The "smart" use of natural and business resources will improve your bottom line without sacrificing product quality, service, or customer satisfaction. In fact, the smart use of these resources is the key to an improved business offering.

EcoSmart utilizes resources effectively and efficiently:

  • Utilities – Saving water, gas, and electricity.
  • Labor – More productivity, less labor.
  • Time – More efficient scheduling.
  • Space – Making the most of precious kitchen space.
  • Food – Providing less shrink and less food waste.
  • Money – Working with all these factors to improve your bottom line.
  • Sanity – When the tension in the kitchen gets too thick, tempers can fly, insults can fly, even the occasional coffee cup can take flight. Make things easier on yourself by equipping your kitchen with Alto-Shaam equipment. It's almost as relaxing as taking a vacation… you remember vacations, don't you?

Alto-Shaam has been green for decades

In the 1960s, energy efficiency was not a general concern. While cars were getting 10 miles to a gallon and many homes were being heated with coal, Alto-Shaam was thinking differently.

Use less heat, not more. Use less energy, not more. The result was revolutionary. The Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold used a small amount of energy and heat to cook prime rib that was much more tender, juicy, and flavorful than ever before. With significantly less product shrink, restaurateurs could sell more servings with the same size roasts, and their profits soared. It's no wonder the Cook & Hold became a commercial kitchen staple.

EcoSmart Today

Since the 1960s, Alto-Shaam has consistently developed a broad line of products that keeps expenses down, helps you work efficiently, and provides outstanding food quality.

We call this being economically and ecologically EcoSmart.

Going far beyond saving energy, EcoSmart is a whole business approach that centers on efficiency. We at Alto-Shaam feel businesses can operate more profitably and serve their customers better when they incorporate a complete efficiency approach.

EcoSmart in action:

  • Menu Development – Creating a wide variety of menu items that can be prepared with versatile kitchen equipment.
  • Inventory Planning – Purchasing and maintaining food stock while planning on less food waste.
  • Scheduling – Effective labor scheduling throughout the day, with the aid of productive hot- and cold-holding equipment.
  • Food Safety – Keeping food out of the temperature "danger zone" to reduce the growth of harmful bacteria means longer and safer storage time.
  • Quality to the Customer – Above all, providing the highest quality food to your customers in a timely manner.