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On Facebook, search for Alto-Shaam and you’ll find us. You can see what other people are doing with Alto-Shaam equipment, videos and pictures of our latest recipes and ideas, and articles on streamlining your operation with Alto-Shaam equipment.


For a complete listing of our latest videos, go to YouTube. (Search for Justshaamit.) You’ll find a growing set of videos on using Alto-Shaam equipment in cool and innovative ways.


If you REALLY want to follow us closely, join us on Twitter (@Alto_Shaam), to see what the Alto-Shaam chefs are up to today, and find plenty of foodservice related news and ideas.


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With all these ways to share ideas, learn, and keep in touch, it’s easier than ever to communicate with today’s online networking tools.

And remember, if you want better food, just ‘Shaam it!